Originally I created this page to share my love of creative writing almost 15 years ago but now I want to share my love of books and science. I’m passionate about reading and I love nothing more than to devour a good book- something I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with the classes I’ve taught for the past 4 years.  Now I’d love to share that interest in a blog- something which I hope will evolve into something useful over the next few months.

Having spent 17 years in Secondary education I wanted to utilise my creativity and passion for my subject in the Primary sector- in 2018 I was given a chance at a dream- to teach Y1 and lead science.  Within 14 months an amazing job opportunity came my way and I was given the chance to combine Secondary teaching with my love of Primary science and since then I have been on cloud 9.  For the first time I feel confident enough to share with you what I have tried (some parts successful- others not so much!) on my journey in education which I hope will be useful to some.

I want to share science specific books which I think should be in every classroom- from KS1 all the way up to 16+.  I hope to share ideas I’ve tried in the classroom and my reflections on these as well as what I hope to try in the future.  I always welcome comments and love to collaborate and share with others so please feel free to leave comments or get in touch with me via twitter at @snotlady5.

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